My Personal Motivators

This week’s post will be a bit different to the others. Here is the thing, I always talk about environmentalism, sustainability and democracy. I am expressing my opinion since I can remember, although this blog is still fairly new. People often ask me, why I am so motivated in writing and talking about these topics. So during this week, I will talk about my main inspirations and motivations that keep me going, starting today. 

1. Elon Musk

Today’s post is dedicated to a person I could talk a lot about. He inspires me by the way he approaches and implements things which sometimes seem to be a futuristic or even a naive dream. But somehow he always puts the plans into action. And being a fan of superhero movies, Elon Musk is the real-life Ironman in my eyes. I already wrote a small post about him on the 4NTWRKS MCR website, so go and check it out if you like.

He is a South African, Canadian, American entrepreneur, but most importantly he is a top innovator who dedicates a lot of time in researching and developing space and alternative energy technologies.

Elon Musk (Credit: CNN)

I guess, the reason why I look up to him is because we share quite a few personality traits: 

Perseverance: He is the best example that giving up is never an option and hard work pays off in the end. I have been perseverant as fas as I can remember. But just imagine, if for instance, Greenpeace would give up every time they do not succeed, we would probably still live in a world completely relying on nuclear and fossil energy.

Interviewer: When you had that 3rd failure in a row, did you think I need to pack this in?
Elon: Never.

Interviewer: Why not?
Elon: I don’t ever give up. I mean, I’d have to be dead or completely incapacitated (Fearless Motivation, 2017)

Critical thinking: That is a trait many people mistake for criticism and get offended (believe me). But that should never ever stop you from critical reflecting and analysing and then expressing your view. Elon Musk marches to a completely different tune compared to all the other entrepreneurs and that is what makes him so successful. He does not always agree to the popular opinion but suggests an alternative backed up by technology and science.

Hard work: Elon Musk started teaching himself coding and programming when he was a child and continues later in teaching himself rocket science by reading textbooks and interviewing experts. Self-education is an extremely important feature of his success. And despite being a multimillionaire at the age of 28, he did not just retire and live a life in luxury. He invested his millions in new projects and he continues to do so because his desire to colonise Mars and make the world more sustainable is what keeps him going.

He has a clear view that fossil fuel leads to climate change and people should rely on sustainable energies. Clearly, that is the perfect PR for Tesla and his other ventures, however, I think that he truly believes in it from a not-profitable point and that is why he is so motivated in developing and innovating further. 

There is so much one can learn from him. You may not always agree with him (I don’t either) but this man is successful and that mostly by hard work and commitment and I suppose if we were all a little bit more like him, we were a bit more successful in our own lives too.


Featured Image taken from Vision Exercise Psychology

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