my name is Marie and this is my new blog. I am an active member of Amnesty International and Greenpeace. So you will mainly find posts about my work with this to organisations here, but also comments and evaluations of critical topics from all over the world, online and offline.

I am a PR and Marketing student currently studying in Manchester, UK. My dissertation will be about the influence of PR within NGO’s and I will post updates on my research findings here, too.

My heart breaks every time I watch or read the news. If you ask me, there are too many devastating and unfair things going on worldwide, that needs to stop! I try my best to expose injustice and fight back to make the world a bit better. If everyone does their bit, this lovable planet will be a better place to live not only for the privileged, but also for the majority of the world.

Please feel free to comment and contact me. I would love to hear your recommendations or engage in any conversations and discussions. If you have any topic you would like to read or talk about, let me know!

Thank you and have fun,

Your Marie